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Education Performance

The Festival is proud to provide a venue for students of jazz to experience and develop through performance to live audiences.
As part of our educational mission, the Festival hosts student and beginning bands throughout the Festival.

The costs of providing this invaluable exposure is borne by our generous donors, sponsors, foundations, grants and benefactors.

Hosted Bands 2024

New Mexico State University Jazz Ensemble

The College students of the New Mexico State University regularly travel to jazz festivals throughout the south west. The performed at the Roswell Festival and host  concerts in their own recital hall. All are pursuing Music Education degrees or  Advanced degrees in their instrument.

Dr. Jacob Dalager, Trumpet

Alex Barboza on  saxophone

Silas Manges on saxophone

Nico O’Hara on bass

Lincoln Larsen on trumpet

Diego Garcia on trumpet

Jacob Torrez on trombone

University of Colorado, Denver Claim Jumpers

The University of Colorado, Denver Claim Jumpers carry on the tradition of Trad Jazz in Denver, Colorado. These college music students perform at local venues, schools and venues. Festival favorite Robert Staffeldt of The Queen City Jazz Band is leading them astray, jazzing around, painting the town.

Colorado Jazz Ambassadors
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Douglas County, Colorado is home to the Colorado Jazz Ambassadors. Comprised of students from music programs within their school system. Doug Tidaback founded and leads this ensemble.

Evergreen Jazz Festival Clinicians

Every year The Evergreen Jazz Festival hosts outstanding music students for a day long learning experience with musicians performing in that year's Festival. From that pool of talent, musicians are asked to become part of that celebration that opens the Festival on Friday. For some it is their first time performing before an audience that they don't know. They perform with their new mentors in the largest venue the Festival hosts. This performance is free and open to the public. The Festival actively promotes this on our sites as well as our literature and programs. It is thanks to our generous patrons, benefactors and sponsors that we can offer this opportunity to the future artist of Jazz.

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