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Friday Opening Double Set


Again this year, the Festival will launch with a special two-set performance with an education angle.

Past opening sessions have featured such notables as John Royen, Louis Ford, James Dapogny, Hank Troy & Wende Harston, Jeff Barnhart, Nicki Parrott & Danny Coots and many others. The Student Clinic Friday Band and Clinic faculty have also participated.  This year’s program is currently being developed.  Details will announced as they become available.  The two sets are free and open to the public and begin at noon Friday, July 28th the Elks Lodge Ballroom.

Student Clinic

Again this year, Thursday of Festival Week will feature a Student Clinic with professional instruction on virtually every instrument plus ensemble work.  All of the instructors will be appearing in the Festival, which means students will be learning from some of the top talents in the world of jazz. The clinic will take place July 28, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at Evergreen Christian Church. The $50 tuition includes lunch and a full 3-day Festival badge.  Payment can be made online at the Tickets Page, by phone or at the clinic.  Financial aid is available.  Questions?  Call 303-674-0641.   

For Student Clinic details and registration, click here.

Year-Round Education Program

Jazz In Schools


The Festival Mission Statement includes the words: “Promote jazz music and live performances with educational programs for both listeners and young performers.” Each year the Education Committee works to satisfy this mission, with special attention given to building interest among young people and helping student musicians.

Included in the range of programs and activities over the years have been concerts at many area middle schools and high schools, most notably a series featuring the Denver Jazz Club Youth All-Stars, giving us young people performing for younger people. On many occasions the students have performed with the instructors, providing a special learning experience and great fun for all.

In addition, there have been many instructional events providing student musicians with the opportunity to learn from established professionals, including many members of the Queen City Jazz Band. These sessions have taken the form of workshops and “Combo Days” at Evergreen High School and several area middle and elementary schools.

One special highlight was a series of visits to Deer Creek Elementary School where members of the Education Committee met with three classes of fourth graders and introduced them to six different instruments. When those students moved on to fifth grade, they formed a band and gave jazz concert, complete with costumes! This 
“instruments introduction” has since been taken to several other elementary schools and is now a regular feature of the education program.

Be an Education Sponsor!

Any donation to the Festival Education Program is gratefully welcomed and provides an opportunity for benefactors to designate how they want their contributions used.  

For sponsorship details, click here.

Student Clinics featuring professional instruction are an annual highlight of the Festival Education Program.

Student Clinics provide both individual instrument and ensemble instruction. 

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