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Get Involved

Make a Donation!

Ticket sales cover only about 50% of the cost of presenting the Festival each year.  Sponsors pick up another significant portion, but there is always a need for individual contributions.   The easiest way is simply to add an amount to your ticket order.  Or you can mail in a check or call 303-697-5467 and use your credit card.  The Festival is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, so your tax advisor should approve.

If you prefer to mail. Please send to The Evergreen Jazz Festival, P.O.Box 3775, Evergreen, CO 80437

Sponsor a Band!

Many patrons find that sponsoring a band is a very rewarding way to demonstrate their support. Band sponsorships are $500 and $1,000, depending primarily on the number of sets performed.  To learn how you can sponsor a band, call 303-697-5467.

Be an Education Sponsor!

Beyond producing the event itself, the Festival activity most in need of financial support is the Education Program. The dedicated members of the Education Committee work throughout the year to create learning experiences for listeners and musicians from elementary school students to adults.   There are many opportunities to support their efforts, and all contributions are sincerely appreciated. To explore specific areas of interest, call 303-697-5467.


Educational Concert: $2,000

Half Educational Concert: $1,000

Student Clinic: $1,000-5,000 (call for details 303-697-5467)

Student Clinic Instructor:

 Denver area - $300

 Out-of-town - $500

Student Clinic Scholarships:  $50 each

Jazz in Schools:

Elementary Program - $100

Middle & High School Programs - $500-1,000​


The Festival is always looking for new volunteers.  Positions range from year-long committee assignments to specific pre-Festival projects to a variety of up-front and behind-the-scenes slots during the Festival itself.  Our volunteers are known for their dedication, willingness to work and love of the music.  

If that describes you and you’d like to learn more, call 303-697-5467.

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