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School Assembly Program

Estimated 400 K-5 in the Auditorium.


Lotus School for Excellence

Queen City Jazz Band

with Wende Harston and


" We sat with the kindergartners

and loved it!"


School Assembly Program

Estimated 430 K-5 in the Gymtorium.


Vaughn Elementary

in Aurora, Colorado

Queen City Jazz Band

with Wende Harston and



Evergreen Jazz Festival Assembly at Vaughn elementary with CMDance.JPG
Introduction of the Instruments.png

Small Music Class

Interactive Program

2-10 K-5 Students


X School

X Educator and X Teacher

Students get to listen and try each instrument, learn about rhythm,

"This year we had 15  students sign up for band. Last year we only had 3"


5-7th Grade Program

2-20 students.

Students learn about rhythm, meter, blues and jazz scales, swing timing.

Students get to write a blues song together or in groups.


EJF Bands Page Image Placeholder.png

High School Ensemble Program

Students work with a professional Musician focusing on the student's area of interest within an ensemble during the Evergreen Jazz Festival, the last full weekend of July.



High School Individual Program

1-20 students.

Students work with professional musicians learning ensemble performance at the clinics the Evergreen Jazz Festival, the last full weekend of July.



Education Events

Evergreen Jazz Festival Provides Education Events to Local Schools.

These Events Are Paid For By Our Donors and SCFD.

Local Professors from DU and UC have curated a program demonstrating Collaboration, Community, Mutual Respect, Discovery, Experimentation, Innovation and  Entrepreneurialism hidden within a musical program covering the Development of America's First Native Musical Form - Jazz.

Local Dance Group Community Minded Dance, Provides a Reflection of How these Traits Were Applied In The Poplar Culture of The Day.



To Schedule a Program For Your School, Fill Out The Form Below, For More Information Please Call:
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