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The Jazz Age saw the creation of many new, energetic dances, and today it’s still a challenge to keep your feet from moving while listening to this great music. Fortunately, there’s no need to sit still! Dancing is encouraged during every set. The prime location is the Elks Ballroom, but feel free to use any open space!

Even dedicated toe-tappers say the dancers add an extra element to the joy of the music and are just plain fun to watch. So whether you’re out on the floor or enjoying the scene from the sidelines, dancing is an important part of the weekend.

Flying solo? Need a partner? Wearing a string of red beads (you’ll find them at the front desk) is the signal that you’re available to dance.

Free Dance Lessons

Every morning before the Festival starts, hired professional dance instructors lead a free dance lesson in the Elks Club Ballroom. You don't need a partner, but be willing to learn with a new friend.


Friday East Coast Swing at 2:30pm just after the free education programs.

Saturday 10:00 am learn the basics of the great Lindy Hop in the ballroom.

Sunday at 10:00 am try out Balboa in a ballroom.

Dance Showcases

Dance Showcases during the Festival feature Professional performance and competition pairs, groups and ensembles to take you back to the Swing Era with their authentic renditions of the Lindy Hop, Charleston and more, and their costumes are positively “23 Skidoo!”

Dance Showcases 2024


6:00 pm     Diamond Dolls     Ballroom

8:30 pm     Diamond Dolls     Ballroom


1:30 pm      Community Minded Dance     Ballroom

2:45 pm      Community Minded Dance     Ballroom

4:00 pm      Community Minded Dance     Ballroom

5:15 pm      Community Minded Dance     Ballroom


2:00 pm     Colorado School of Mines Sliderulers     Ballroom

Dance Nights

Friday !


Come Friday evening  @ The Romantic Evergreen Lakehouse for Dance Night. 

The evening will feature super danceable bands, and they’ll be playing especially danceable tunes.  Take a break and enjoy the scenery from the wide porch and landing dock. If you can't land 'er on the old veranda...


*2024 Update*

An extra hour has been added to the closing time, giving dancers 3 hours (7:30 pm -11:pm) to  enjoy this great music.  Special Friday evening ticket price of just $35 @ the door.  Dancers, hit the floor!

Update! If you'd like to Dance at the Ballroom there'll be room for your Dance Night tooties with dancable bands until 10:00 pm.


More Dance floor at the Church. We've moved thing around to provide more space for dancing at the Evergreen Christian Church to make more Hush Puppies happy!


Is Dance Night Too! That's New!

The Saturday late evening session 8:00 pm -11:00 pm @ The Elk's Hopping Ballroom is going to be a New Dance Night! Bigger Floor but the price ain't more. $35 @ the door.

image of a large group of dancer lounging on a lawn dressed in clothing of the 1920's to represent all dancers having fun at the Festival

At the Evergreen Jazz Festival, professional troupes provide authentic demonstrations of Jazz Age dances.

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