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Student Clinic

Learn from the pros!

The Evergreen Jazz Festival’s annual Student Clinic affords the budding musician a rare opportunity to learn jazz theory and technique from some of the most accomplished musicians in the world, all of whom have appeared in the Festival.  They are internationally known and have a strong desire to share their knowledge and love of traditional jazz.

Clinic Date

Thursday, July 28th,  10am - 5pm



Evergreen Christian Church (one of our Festival venues)



Morning and afternoon sessions begin with a short faculty jam session followed by breakout instruction on each instrument and concluding with combo instruction and rehearsals.  An Honor Band will be selected to rehearse and participate in a short performance the following day at the annual Jazz Educational Concert.  Those individuals will need to be available from 9:30 am - 2:30 pm on Friday, July 28th.

To Register For Student Clinic Fill Out The Form Below, For More Information Please Call:

Clinic Directors

Bill Clark - leader of the Queen City Jazz Band

Dr. Ed Cannava - 2017 Colorado Music Educators Association Hall of Fame Inductee


Clinic Instructors

Trumpet: Kevin Bollinger - Queen City Jazz Band, Charlie Smith - Your Father’s Mustache Band

Trombone: Eric Staffeldt - Queen City Jazz Band

Reeds:  Dennis Lichtman - The Brain Cloud

Piano: Brian Holland - Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet, Hank Troy - Queen City Jazz Band

Banjo/Guitar: Mike McCullough - After Midnight

Tuba: Bill Clark - Queen City Jazz Band

Bass: Gary Sloan - Joe Smith and The Spicy Pickles Jazz Band

Drums: Danny Coots -  Holland-Coots Jazz Quintet, Tony Pantellis -  Queen City Jazz Band

Vocal: Wende Harston -  Queen City Jazz Band



♫ Full-day session features seven hours of instruction, with lunch provided.

♫ Group instruction for each instrument.

♫ Enrollment fee of $50 includes full weekend Festival pass and is valued at over $200.

♫ Scholarship aid available (see contact information below).

♫ Open to musicians of Intermediate and Advanced ability of all ages 14 and older.  Middle school students welcome with             recommendation from instructor.

♫ Breakout instruction groups for trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, banjo, piano, tuba, bass, drums and vocal.

♫ Solo, improvisation and combo instruction.

♫ Lead sheets provided in advance.


Questions?   Call 303-674-0641 or email
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